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Financial Due Diligence

Date: 6 - 7 April 2020
Place: Online Version Training (Virtual Classroom)

The workshop focuses on the community of financial professionals; both traditional & non-traditional. It has both an internal & external focus. It answers some of the most important questions about financial due diligence while addressing some of the more complex issues facing financial professionals today. The course define financial due diligence, what should include and look into “Best Practices” today. This seminar will facilitate your understanding of the financial due diligence process, its benefits, processes, & limitations.

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Strategic Financial Management

Date: 8 - 9 April 2020
Place: Online Version Training (Virtual Classroom)

The program goes a step further in ensuring that the company remains on track to attain its short term and long-term goals while maximizing value for its shareholders. This 2-day workshop provides the fundamentals of understanding and using both financial and non-financial information for effective strategic financial management. It will help delegates to understand the financial implication of strategic decisions as to communicate effectively the expected results to stakeholders.

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Active Portfolio Management and Asset Allocation

Date: 15 - 17 June 2020
Place: Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar, Malaysia

This course brings new techniques and approaches to the disciplines of active portfolio management and asset allocation. Participants will learn how to apply these new approaches in managing equity and bond portfolios. In this practical and hands-on training course, the various active approaches to managing a portfolio will be covered. In addition, significant attention will be paid to the management and analysis of active risk in a portfolio.

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Impact, ESG and Socially Responsible Investing

Date: 18 - 19 June 2020
Place: Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar, Malaysia

This new programme examines the different frameworks for incorporating ESG and responsible investing practices from both the investor and corporate boardroom perspectives. The various approaches to ESG investing, including ESG inclusion, ESG integration, ESG engagement and ESG screening will be covered comprehensively. The full spectrum of ESG products and strategies across the equity and fixed income asset classes will be covered .

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Mergers and Acquisitions Week: M&A Strategy and Modelling

Date: 22 - 26 June 2020
Place: Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar, Malaysia

The 2 days M&A Strategy course are structured to guide you through the entire M&A life cycle from M&A strategy through to implementation of the transaction and post merger integration. This complete course cover every phase from strategy, strategic target selection, due diligence, deal-structure, valuation, financing, agreements, to post merger integration. It also cover every transaction-type from Joint Venture,acquisition, merger, equity investment, even hostile takeovers can be addressed if desired. The second 3-days M&A Modelling course build on the M&A Strategy and guide you through every step necessary to understand the transaction from structuring the transaction to modelling it in an excel sheet.

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SIDC CPE Approved (10 CPE Points)

 HRDF Claimable (SBL : Scheme)

 Guaranteed To Run Training


Our Virtual Classrooms allow you to access a simple, convenient, and reliable digital learning environment where participants in different locations can actively engage in content and course materials. We use collaboration and conference tools that make it simple for you to engage and participate from any location with any device. They provide an excellent opportunity for you to experience what it’s like to work virtually whilst developing your knowledge and skillset accordingly.


Online Version Training preview:

  • We will deliver the course handouts to your office 3 working days prior to the event. 
  • Our trainer has been successfully facilitate this Online Version Training globally before.
  • All method and tools used are proven will be same experience as Classroom Training
  • All content outline will be cover as the trainer will spend the course delivery hours same as Classroom Training.
  • All the soft copy of hand-outs/course material will be pass to delegates before the event
  • It will provide you direct and much more personal access and face-time to the speaker, specifically because it is a small group and trainer can address all your questions in much greater detail. 
  • You will also learn more from the perspectives of your fellow course participants because you will have more in-depth discussions and see the topics also through their eyes. Their different industry perspective might trigger ideas through lateral thinking that you would not have had in a large group workshop
  • Investment fee same as a Public Workshop 


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